Looking for a creative way to use all of your fruit jams? Whether you canned your own, received it as a gift, or bought it a Trader Joe’s, we’ve put together 5 awesome ways to level up your eats (and drinks!) with jam.

1. Cheese boards! Always the hit of the party, the key to the perfect cheese board is variety. We’re talking elements that are crunchy, smooth, salty, sweet, fresh, and acidic. Jam hits a few of these categories and is a great spreadable element. If you haven’t already tried jam with cheese, you’re in for a treat! And if you want to become a real pro at cheese boards, join us for a class!

2. Sauces. Change up your marinades and sauces for grilling and add a little jam! You can make your own BBQ Sauce or just add jam to your usual sauces and spices for extra flavor. Marinate your veggies, meat or fish, throw them on the grill and enjoy. This is an easy change up to any recipe that can be made for one or a whole group. 

Jam in cocktails

3. Cocktails. That’s right, jam in cocktails! This idea can work with just about any of your favorite drinks and it’s a great way to incorporate a little fruitiness to a standard cocktail. Just make your cocktail the way you normally would, add a spoonful (or two) of your jam and stir to combine. 

Not into alcohol? Skip the booze and you’ve still got a delicious mocktail. You can even make lemonade or tea to add your jam to! The options are endless.

4. Salad dressing. Getting that last bit of jam out of the bottom of the jar can be a pain and you always always feel like you end up wasting some, right? Don’t worry - we’ve got a trick for you to get every last drop! Most people have these ingredients on hand so it’s super easy. Add some olive oil and white wine vinegar straight into the jar with a little salt and pepper, put the lid on and shake it up. Now you have a homemade vinegarette that would go great over a spinach and quinoa salad. YUM!

jam for breakfast

5. Breakfast. As breakfast lovers, this one seems obvious. Going camping and want to cook something extra special for breakfast? Dress up your waffles, pancakes, or french toast by adding a dollop of jam to the top of your stack. Your friends and family will think you’ve totally outdone yourself even though it’s incredibly easy to do!

Whichever way you choose to use your jam, take a picture and show us! Tag us on Instagram @theworks.seattle and use the hashtag #kickoutthejams! so we can see your creations!

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