Corporate Events

Incorporating hands-on activities in the workplace can provide a myriad of benefits to the individual employee and the corporate culture overall.

By opting for one of our corporate workshops, your team can enjoy an inclusive environment to flex their creativity, forge stronger connections, and take a much-needed respite from their ordinary daily tasks.

Corporate event at The Works

Whether you’re looking to host a team-building event, happy hour, company picnic, sales kickoff, or customer appreciation event, we have a solution for you. 

To request more information and to access our full Corporate Events catalog, please reach out below and we will be in touch.

If you’re looking for a private event for you and your friends, you can find that info here!


 Choose from these event formats:

  • The Works comes to you: In-person workshop hosted at your location. Great for groups of any size - we have experience coming onsite for smaller team events and working with groups of over 500 employees.
  • You come to The Works: In-person workshop at The Works Seattle - Best for smaller groups (we can host groups of up to 20 people).
  • Virtual Workshop - This is not your average Zoom meeting! Whether your team is local or dispersed, this offering includes all materials and nationwide shipping.
  • Station-based pop-up: Ideal for happy hours and company picnics, these drop-in style events are designed to accommodate larger groups of people in a fun and interactive way.

Contact us today to learn more about our corporate events and schedule your group's unique and memorable experience!