Mission, Vision, Values

To empower you to become the creator of your own life through hands-on practical skill-building experiences that inspire imagination, exploration, and creativity.

To bring individuals together and build the greatest community of smart, fun people ready to tap into their full creative potential through learning and connecting.

Our beliefs inform our actions, and these five core values are the foundation of every action we take at The Works.

  1. Creating: Using our imagination and hands to build, design, construct, rework, and make art
  2. Welcoming: Inviting all people, from all backgrounds, to find their way to our community through deep listening and creating a safe space for complete self-expression
  3. Connecting: Joining together with others, the Earth, ourselves, and our crafts to share in collective passions
  4. Reverence: Adopting admiration and heart-centered appreciation for all that we create with a sense of accomplishment and pride
  5. Integrity: Approaching every situation with honest, ethical, and principled attitudes, and always doing the right thing by our customers