Chocolate 101: Coffee and Chocolate Tasting


$58.00 per person



About this experience

Join us for a delicious journey into the world of chocolate and coffee with Angi of ChocolateSpiel. This class is perfect for everyone who loves coffee and chocolate and wants to discover the art of these two treats paired together!

In this 60-minute class, you will:

  • Learn the fascinating background of cocoa

  • Discover how small bean to bar chocolate is made

  • Learn about the different origins, flavors, and unique characteristics of chocolate and coffee

  • Discover how different flavors complement and enhance each other

Go home with a newfound appreciation for chocolate and a bar of your favorite from the tasting.

The chocolate made for this class is not being processed with dairy, but does incorporate lots of different nuts so please let us know if you have any allergies!

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  • Saturday, June 1, 11am-12pm

Your Host

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Angi discovered her love for chocolate in 2016, after moving from Germany to Seattle. In Germany she used to work as a Chemical Engineer for paints. During a Chocolate Factory Tour she realized that chocolate and paint coatings are made with very similar machines, that blew her away! That experience was the first time she thought about working in chocolate. A couple of weeks later she stumbled into her first job as a chocolate maker. She learned how to make chocolate from the cacao bean, created fun and interesting truffle combinations and met many inspirational people in the process. After 2 years and a lot of work later, she decided to start her own chocolate company and that is how ChocolateSpiel began.