Chef-Led Intro to Gourmet Mushroom Foraging & Cooking


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About this experience

Master the skill of locating and cooking gourmet wild mushrooms with confidence, even as a new forager! Designed for first-time foragers, join Angela of Savor Seattle Tours in the field for mushroom foraging fundamentals class, enhanced with exclusive culinary insights, recipes, and tips from a professional chef.

In this 3 hour experience, you will:

  • Learn about Washington's most iconic gourmet mushrooms: seasons, locations, and tricky look-alikes

  • Discover how to make mushrooms squeal (literally!) and how that dramatically improves their flavor

  • Savor a variety of mushrooms prepared four different ways, both in and out of the woods

  • Master our secret preservation and cooking techniques so you can savor your mushrooms all year long

From coffee and tea infused with adaptogenic mushrooms to mushroom jerky, you will savor all the unique flavors, textures, and culinary applications of mushrooms and take part in a live cooking demo transforming gourmet mushrooms into mouthwatering dishes, with hands-on guest participation. In addition to foraged finds, each guest also takes home a quarter pound of Black Forest® gourmet mushrooms to cook with!

Savor Seattle Tours pre-scout the location in advance to ensure you are brought to the best spots. No aimless wandering and wasted time! This workshop will meet in Redmond, WA - a 30-minute drive from downtown Seattle - and students will be notified of the location address one week ahead of the workshop date.

Mushrooms love rain, and we do too! This experience operates in light rain or shine. There will be rain canopies set up in the event of rain. Please dress for the weather. We recommend a rain jacket, hat, and hiking boots (strongly recommended). Bring a small backpack and water bottle. Go before you go and be prepared to use the “facilatrees.” There are no restrooms at the trailhead (although there are public restrooms within a 6-minute drive of the meeting location for ease of use before and after the experience).

All tastings are vegetarian.

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  • Sunday, May 12, 9am-12pm

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Your Host

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Angela Shen, founded of Savor Seattle Food Tours, is a self-proclaimed “food evangelist” with a love for all things delicious and wild! Growing up with a chef for a dad and working in family restaurants, food has been her jam since forever.

After graduating from the Wharton School and working in Brand Management at Quaker Oats, she ditched corporate life and headed to Seattle. Since 2007, fresh seafood, wild mushrooms, and local wine have been her most trusted companions! She founded Savor Seattle Food Tours and took a liking to showing off Seattle’s best restaurants and artisans.

Today, she's all about immersing herself in Washington’s wild side and sharing it with you through Savor the Wild Tours. When she not hunting for wild treasures, she's with her awesome kids, globetrotting, or crushing HIIT workouts. And of course, she's forever team raw oysters, tacos, sushi, coffee, and eggs – just keep that durian away!

Beyond the wild adventures, she dabbles in business consulting and speaking gigs. Her thing? Entrepreneurship, culinary tourism, scaling businesses, and rocking it as a minority female leader. Also, you might spot her on the Visit Seattle Board. So let’s eat, explore, and laugh together on this wild culinary journey!