By Frankie Cannata-Bowman

Valentine's Pop Cards!

Just popping in to share one of our favorite Valentine's DIY activities, Pop-up cards! A true DIY project: the joy of making it is equal to the joy of sharing it! 👈 #math Resident DIY genius, Kiya, has taken her superior skills of paper mechanics and engineering and put them together in a guide for you to follow at home! This activity is appropriate for adults only. Sorry kids, we're taking pop-up cards back and you really shouldn't be playing with scissors anyway. Join us in making a little pop art this Valentine's and take your 2D love to the next dimension! 🚀 

1. Start with 2 pieces of paper

2. Fold both pieces in half to form a card

3. Set one folded piece of paper aside for later.
On the other piece of paper, cut slits to form the
pop-ups that you want.

4. Poke the pop-up pieces inward,

5. Then fold over again.

6. Now the card will look like this when you open it.

7. Add decorations to the pop-ups with tape or glue.

8. Place the other folded piece of paper one the top
to hide the holes and secure with tape.