By Kellie Phelan

How the kit magic happens ✨

This creative team has no shortage of ideas… So how does a topic go from just an idea to sitting on the shelf as a completed kit? First it has to pass 3 key checkpoints:

✅ Competitive analysis: What makes this kit different than any other product on the market? What gap are we filling? We’re not here to do the same thing as anyone else, so this milestone is key.

✅ Sourcing and cost feasibility: What sources are available and can we put this kit together for a reasonable price? We’re aiming for accessibility, not a premium product!

✅ Box test and production check: The materials have to fit in the box, period. Ideally we don’t want you to have to supply anything at home that isn’t a standard household item (like scissors). We produce all of our kits in-house in Seattle, so we always ask ourselves does this production process work for 100 kits? How about 1,000 kits? Thinking really big here… what about 10,000 kits?

It takes us a minimum of two months to release a new kit into the world. Why? Each kit is the culmination of hundreds hours of research, testing, revision, and, most of all, love.

  • We insist that our kit projects be foolproof. Each kit goes through rigorous testing, from the materials used to the process we share.
  • We draft, edit, and finalize every piece you see, from the sleeve to the accompanying DIY guide.
  • Did you know we make kit demo videos for any step in the process where it would help to actually see it? Cause we do!