By Kellie Phelan

DIY Witch Legs

This year we are creepin' it real with the Halloween decorations and getting in touch with our inner DIY craft-y conjuror. Why bother going after the Wicked Witch of the East when you have all the materials at home to stage this frightening scene? The shoes, the tights, the welcome mat, oh my!


  • 1 whole roll duct tape
  • 1 pair old jeans
  • 1 pair thigh high socks or tights
  • 1 pair black boots or heels (the pointier the better)
  • Scissors
  • Stuffing material (plastic bags, paper, rags, etc)


You are going to make a tape cast of your leg! Warning: you will be using scissors in close proximity to your ACTUAL limbs, so read the directions carefully and take it slow! 

1) Put the pants on and starting from the middle of the thigh, wrap your whole leg in duct tape with one continuous movement down to your ankle. Do not wrap the tape too tight! You need to leave room to escape. Smooth out the tape before you start cutting.

2) Once the leg is wrapped and smooth, use your scissors to carefully make a horizontal cut through the pants and around your thigh, starting where the tape begins. Pretend like you are making cutoff jean shorts, but the really really dumb way.

3) And then STILL BEING VERY CAREFUL, make one vertical cut from your thigh to your ankle. Go slow and grab a buddy if you need to, preferably one that you trust not to stab you.

4) Remove the duct tape cast from your leg. Now tape up the vertical seam with more duct tape, until it resembles its original leg shape. Repeat with your other leg.

5) Once you have two weird duct taped shaped legs, stuff the insides with anything you can find that isn’t living or gross. 

6) Finally, pull the knee-highs or tights up the legs and shimmy on a pair of shoes. Place your disembodied witch limbs under your doormat or upside down in a bush. BOO-YAH, you have creepy witch legs!


  • Stuff the legs with plastic bugs and dirt. Leave somewhere inconvenient and obvious.
  • Place a dog bone in the thigh opening and cover the leg in fake blood. Give to your dog and laugh maniacally.
  • Do the bloody dog bone leg, but hang it from your doorway and pretend its Halloween mistletoe.
  • Stuff the legs with candy and let the children fight for it.