By Barbara Bonner

Boredom Busters

During one of the last classes we had in the shop before we had to temporarily close our doors we overheard a student say, "When I'm making with my hands, my mind rests."

We couldn't agree more. Studies have shown making things with your own hands, cooking, and tending a garden is good for your mind and your body. Whether you're stuck at home or are an essential worker or front line medical staff who needs a mental break when you're able to return to the sanctity of your house, we've put together a list of things you can have delivered to your doorstep to help you achieve a little bit of zen.

Get Some Vitamin D

The weather is starting to improve, and with that comes a desire to get outside. With social distancing and "stay safe, stay home" orders still in place, you might be looking for ways to get creative right in your own backyard!

This pocket-sized June & December Specimen Collecting Kit contains small glass vials with cork stoppers sized for a variety of keepsakes, such as dried ferns, tiny pine cones, small rocks, and more. When not in use, the tin and included glass vials are perfect for displaying your items in your home!

Pull up a chair outside and keep your hands busy with a PopLush embroidery kitThese kits include everything you need to start and finish the project. Choose from a hummingbird in blossom, floral garden, rockin’ Rosie the Riveter, a solar system, or a succulent garden.

Spice Up Your Kitchen

It's easy to get in a rut in the kitchen even in the best of times. A lot of people are diving head first into new cooking and baking attempts, but if you're looking for something a little easier to dip your toes in, we have a few things to recommend.

Bring new life to your cocktails with this delicious shrub set from Girl Meets Dirt, which includes on bottle each of quince, island plum, ruby spiced apple, and lemon lavender. Can’t decide which shrub flavor to try? We know, they all sound so good! Good thing you don't have to choose! This kit is perfect for experimenting with flavors and adding a little pizzazz to your nightcap.


Try your hand at quick pickling with a Quickles pickling concentrate! One 4 oz bottle will make 1 pint of pickles in a flash. Simply pack your produce of choice into a clean jar, pour the pickle concentrate over the top, and add water to submerge. Ready to learn more about traditional pickling? Our You Can Pickle That! class is just the thing. We review the history of pickling, the essential ingredients, and how to develop your own signature flavor. We also talk about the gear, everything you need to can at home, and give you a hands-on demo of the process.

Bring The Outside In

We've shared some things you can do outside and things you can do inside, but what if you want to bring the outdoors in? You know we've got ideas for that, too!

Grow your own tasty microgreens inside! The Seattle Seed Microgreens Kit includes two varieties of microgreens seeds (zesty and mild), one tray with a plastic dome lid for speedy germination, five specially-formulated organic soil wafers that expand to fill the tray, and complete instructions for planting and harvesting.

Make your own little world in a jar. This DIY terrarium kit includes soil, rocks, moss, and terrarium tools to build the perfect home for sun-loving plants!

Need More Ideas?

Visit our shop to see all the items we carry from local makers and browse our available online classes to learn something new. Let's get making!