Strawberry Mochi Kit

Meet your teachers

Kiya (right) is a self-taught cook who learned to make mochi after moving away from her favorite bakery. Her love for mochi making led to the development of a mochi class, and then to the first iteration of this kit! She is thankful for Madison’s passion and teamwork that has made the Strawberry Mochi Kit what it is today!

Madison (left) bakes and makes all sorts of delicious goodies at home but had never tried making mochi until Kiya taught her how! Now she is hooked, making mochi with all kinds of flavors and fillings. It’s always fun to impress friends with this wonderful soft and yummy treat. She hopes that this kit will help give you the skills and confidence to make mochi at home!

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Your kit insert includes detailed written instructions. For the parts of your project where a visual demo would be helpful, we've created bite-sized video tutorials.