Witches Broom


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About this experience

Brooms are used around the world for daily and ritual cleansing of spaces. A broom is an important part of making a safe and sacred space.


In this five hour fun-filled intermediate Witches Broom class, each student will learn how to prep their own broom handle and make a round broom to take home and use. The lore and power of brooms is legendary, magical, and ordinary all at the same time. As we begin to craft our brooms, we will discuss broom lore and traditions teasing out the many reasons why brooms are so powerful and uniquely woven into so many different mythologies. Participants are encouraged to bring any ancestral ties, stories, or lore around brooms and sweeping to share with the group during class.


Note: This is an intermediate class and a prior Intro Broom Class with Betaina is suggested but not a requirement.


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  • Sunday, October 16

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Betania (pronouns they/them) from Bristle & Stick is joining us to teach this class: My identity has always felt very Amphibious, like I don’t fit into any of the assigned boxes. I am a mixed (Mestizx) or Ancestrally diverse person. My people come from the Ancestral homelands of the Mexica in Mexico, the Iberian peninsula, Sardinia & Wales (plus a few other little connections that I don’t know much about). I am a teacher and student of place based skills and craft, a broom maker, a forever student of Plants and folk medicine, and I was raised by Trees. For as long as I can remember I have turned to the Trees, Animals and other beings in the Forest for council. As a young person running from the various institutions I found myself in, the best places I found to hide were "wild spaces". In these so called "wild" areas I found a sense of family with the the Non-human world around me, here is where I felt held and safe. I believe strongly in the healing powers of “Nature”, believing that strengthening our connection with our More-Than-Human relatives can improve our interpersonal relationships and emotional well being.