The Cyclical Kitchen: Cooking for Your Menstrual Health & Wellbeing Fall/Winter Edition


$75.00 per person



About this experience

Part Menstrual Health Class, Part Cooking Class, 100% Informative & Fun!

In this hands-on cooking workshop, Holistic Menstrual Health Educator & Plant-Based Chef Nicole Frederiksen will teach how you can cook & eat to support your overall menstrual health and wellbeing! 

You'll learn to make 3 "Cycle Superfood Snacks" including: Warming Ginger Spice Energy Balls / Chia Pudding Pots w/ Seasonal Fruit Jam / Cardamom Rose Bliss Bites 

PLUS, you’ll walk away from this engaging & educational experience knowing:

  • A deeper understanding of your menstrual cycle so you can start living in harmony with your hormones and finally feel at home in your body.

  • A guide to what foods to focus on during each phase of your cycle, plus how to cook them (it changes throughout the cycle!) so you can start working with your body, rather than against it, and experience more ease & flow throughout the month.

  • Two simple frameworks for creating tasty and nourishing meals quickly…finally an easy answer to what’s for dinner tonight that you and your hormones will love!

  • A simple, 3 step roadmap to lifelong menstrual wellbeing including the #1 daily habit to help you reconnect with your cycle, so you can spend less time overwhelmed and frustrated, dreading your period, and more time doing the things you love. 

All recipes are Gluten Free & Vegan and you’ll receive them after so you can make them at home. 

Choose the following date by clicking through the calendar on the left: 

  • Sunday, November 20

Your Host

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Nicole, @seasonandcycle, is a holistic menstrual health coach, plant-based chef, and well womb yoga instructor who used lifestyle practices to get off hormonal birth control and heal painful and problematic periods, naturally. Now she helps people with menstrual cycles heal their menstrual cycles and manage their hormonal transitions with ease so they can move from periods that leave them feeling frustrated and fatigued to ones that bring energy and inspiration, letting them enjoy more of the people and things they love all month long!