The Art of Tarot


$60.00 per person



About this experience

We all have a deep sense of intuition, but maybe we need a little guidance on how to listen to it. Start your new year with intention and join us to learn how to deepen your intuition and empower your life through reading tarot.

This workshop is for beginners or anyone looking to connect with their natural psychic intuition and activate a sense of empowerment. Through guided visualization, intention setting and ritual, we will explore the symbols and messages in the tarot to reach a deeper relationship with your True and Powerful Self and receive guidance for your daily life. 

Please bring your own tarot deck of any kind and a notebook and pen! Note: We have a handful of extra tarot decks for those who might not have a deck of their own and want to take the class. We do recommend that folks purchase a deck of their own for practicing after class, but it is not required for the class itself.