Sublime Stitching Iron-On Transfer Embroidery Patterns

Add a pop of fun to any project using these Sublime Stitching iron-on transfers. 

These iron-on transfers make embroidering easy. All you need is a hot iron to apply heat to transfer the embroidery pattern onto your fabric and you're ready to start stitching!

The pattern will print again and again (really), up to 8 imprints from each design. The opacity of your transfer will depend on how hot your iron is, and how long and hard you press when transferring the pattern. You can make multiple projects from one pattern, repeat a motif, and really get creative through mixing and matching the patterns.

Every pack includes:

  • Complete transfer instructions
  • Hand embroidery how-to for a beginner!

These patterns can also be imprinted onto wood and card stock for other crafts! 


Note: The Big Blooms pattern is a 11" x 17" sheet.

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