Soap Distillery Bar Soap

Palm free and full of olive oil, sunflower oil, and essential oils, these Soap Distillery bar soaps produce lots of bubbly lather without drying your skin out. Kept in a well draining dish, these bar soaps last about 2.5 to 3 weeks and don't leave heavy, irritating fragrance on the skin. 


Mint Mojito: A refreshing blend of peppermint, spearmint, juicy lime, and just a touch of spicy rum! It's such a refreshing summer scent, but also great for whenever you need to feel like you're hanging out on a patio sipping a cocktail. Crushed mint leaves and poppy seeds to exfoliate your skin and wake up your senses! 

Bourbon: A classic, kept classy. Smoked oak wood combined with a touch of sweetness from vanilla and a sprinkle of spices are blended to create this all time favorite scent. This is a favorite scent of both men and women, and has added ground clove for a light exfoliation.

Lavender Bitters: Fragrant and relaxing, this will turn your shower into a day at the spa. Floral with a hint of spice and citrus, it's well balanced and perfect for anyone who loves the scent of fresh flowers and cut ginger. Contains ground lavender buds for a mild exfoliation. 

Negroni: Bitter, floral, and sweet. The original cocktail is a mix of gin, Campari, and Sweet Vermouth. Taking the bitter floral notes from Campari, mixed with sweet fruity notes of vermouth and the dry and crisp notes of gin. What you get is a blend of sweet orange, neroli blossom, and hints of rose, bitter orange, and fir needle. It is absolutely gorgeous.


  • $8.95