Seltzer Goods Puzzle

  • $26.95

For those who think sitting down to tackle a jigsaw puzzle is the epitome of satisfaction and a challenge well worth it, do we have the thing for you! These quirky and beautiful puzzles from Seltzer Goods will provide you with a super fun activity and a work of art when you're all done. Each puzzle has a profile highlighting the artist who made the artwork. 

500 Piece Puzzle

  • 100% Recycled Board
  • Puzzle Measures 18" x 24" when Completed
  • Comes Packaged in 8" x 10" Box

1000 Piece Puzzle 

  • 100% Recycled Board
  • Puzzle is 27” W x 20” H (or vis-versa) when completed
  • Comes Packaged in 8” x 10” box

Their Story: Seltzer Goods is a women-led company that values creativity, curiosity, and laughter. They are makers and merchants of cheerful goods. Collaborating with other artists, we strive to bring out the best in everyone we work with. They want to share our love of art and design, and connect you with creative people that inspire us. They're located in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina, in the Blue Ridge Mountains.