Seasonal Fruit Shrub


$50.00 per person



About this experience

Shrub! It’s not just the overgrown greenery your neighbor refuses to trim. No-siree, shrub is indeed a delicious, tart, fermented syrup that adds pizazz to all kinds of refreshing drinks! And guess what?? You can make your own shrub right here at The Works!

Choose from a variety of seasonal fruits, herbs, and flavorings to create a shrub adventure that’s all your own.

In this class you will learn:
-What exactly shrub is
-How to make your own shrub not just one, but two ways (and the best way to utilize both methods)
-How to enjoy your shrub in cocktails, mocktails, and spritzers!

You’ll leave class with a boat-load of shrub knowledge and your very own shrub to ferment. Get ready for a whole new world of beverages!