Red Deco Earrings by OTTI

These Portland made, lightweight earrings are gorgeous in their clean lines and colorplay. The triangular shape against the circular backdrop mimics the beauty of the art deco architectural style that inspires these earrings.



  • Lightweight leather + birch wood
  • 1" silver plated hoop (nickel free, lead free)
  • Overall length: Approximately 3"


Originally started in 2008 by Andrea Leggitt as a means to keep her hands and mind busy while undergoing cancer treatments, OTTI frequently turns to Leggitt's background as an industrial designer to influence the clean, architectural designs. The name OTTI is a nod to the women of the Bauhaus and a tribute to all the women designers who paved the way for women in design.


Fun fact: Each layer is separate so if you purchase 2 or more sets, you can switch the layers and colors around!

  • $44.95