Make Your Own Masterpieces featuring @Lokokitchen


**This kit is available for pre-sale. Kits will ship the first week of November.** 

Peak pie season is rapidly approaching, and with the publication of Lokokitchen’s highly anticipated cookbook, Pieometry, desserts that are delicious AND stunning are more accessible than ever. Pieometry is filled with recipes for colorful crusts, sweet and savory fillings, and all the secrets for constructing Lokokitchen’s iconic designs in your own kitchen!

This DIY kit contains an array of tools and ingredients featured in Pieometry and will equip you to create your own masterPIEces. Think woven magenta and sapphire dough quilts snuggled over a juicy fruit filling, or fluffy matcha mousse nestled in a funfetti Oreo crust, or soothing geometric tart art to crown your magnum opus. Whatever combination you choose is sure to impress, so 'dough' forth and bake some magic!

      This kit contains unique ingredients to fuel your creativity for at least a dozen different Lokokitchen-inspired creations!
      • 3 shape cutters
      • Rainbow sprinkles for 4 Funfetti Oreo crusts
      • Beet powder for 6 disks beet pie dough
      • Matcha powder for 3 tart shells or 5 matcha cheesecake fillings
      • Butterfly pea flowers for 2 disks of butterfly pea flower dough
      • Black sesame seeds for 4 disks black sesame pie dough
      • Tapioca starch for 4 fruit pie fillings