Mastering Homemade Pie Dough | December 19 | 6pm

Soft, flakey, buttery; all qualities of the perfect pie dough. Thought once to be a type of pastry sorcery known only to a select few, come and behold the secrets of pie dough and be changed… forever! Sound far fetched? Trust us - come in and ditch the store bought stuff for an easy tried and true recipe using ingredients you will already have in your kitchen.

In this class you will learn the steps and secrets to making your own pate brisee (a fancy word for butter crust!), make and take home two 9-inch balls of dough ready to use for your holiday festivities, and leave with the knowledge and power to create the perfect pie dough for all your future pie-related endeavors. Plus, did we mention we’ll be serving up a variety of pies for you to taste while you learn?! Join the ranks of home bakers capable of turning basic ingredients into bliss this holiday season.