The Perfect Picnic

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Going on a picnic should be fun and relaxing, but sometimes it can end up being more work than play. Kiya from The Works' team is sharing a lifetime collection of tips and ideas to help you plan your best picnic without all the fuss!

In this digital class (available on-demand!) you will learn fun and easy ways to:

  • Pack your picnic basket, including everything from keeping food cool to keeping your bum dry
  • Keep the sog out of your sandwich, the crisp in your apples, and other great food hacks (ever consider using a muffin tin as a built-in snack holder?)
  • Create tasty recipes for thoughtful mobile meals and snacks 
  • Store and serve all of your picnic goodies with both packability and presentation in mind 

Live your best (socially distanced) picnic life this summer!