Make Your Own Ring - Wax Carving


$295.00 per person



About this experience

This unique and immersive wax carving experience is where your creative ideas come to life. Join Cat McCadden from Grace Gow to envision, sketch, and carve your very own ring.

At the end of your workshop, you'll give the wax to Cat. She'll work her magic using the ancient art of lost-wax casting, transforming your creation into a stunning piece in precious metal. You can even customize the finish, whether you prefer a matte or shiny look. Then, four to six weeks later, you'll receive your custom sterling silver creation delivered to your door.

Optionally and for an additional charge, you can choose to upgrade your ring from sterling silver to gold or platinum, and select gemstones to embellish your creation.

The result will be an extraordinary piece to wear or gift—an heirloom-worthy treasure that’s truly one of a kind.

Suggestions on how to prepare for this experience:

  • Before class, think about how you want your ring to look and who will be wearing it (many of Cat’s students take her classes to design their wedding bands).

  • You may even want to sketch out your idea and bring it to class, along with an object that inspires you, like a memento, a photo, or maybe something found in nature.

  • Come with your unique questions + ideas! You’ll  have Cat’s personal guidance as you carve a band from jeweler’s wax, shape it and sand it into your unique vision.

  • Do you have a cool old piece of jewelry you’d like to emulate, take apart, or use a portion of? Bring it along!

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  • Sunday, November 12, 1-3pm

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Growing up on the New Jersey shore, Cat McCadden was always inspired by the places where land meets water. When she began designing jewelry, she poured her love of the coast into her work. After moving to Seattle, Cat began teaching classes to share the creativity of jewelry-making with others. "I love the tactile process of holding raw material and imagining its final form in metal," she says, adding, "Guiding others through the creation of their very own heritage object is an absolute honor."