Macrame Keychain

You would never misplace your housekeys if they were attached to a super cute macrame keychain, right? These handmade keychains are perfect for attaching to your precious keys so they don't get lost!


Product details: 1" width x 8" length


Kulsoom Burney, the magical person behind Tile, Timber, n' Thread, has always been a maker. Ever since she was a child she enjoyed fixing, making, building, and creating home goods in a variety of materials. Before throwing something away, she always asks herself if it can be repurposed in any way-usually it can-and her home is full of mundane objects that she has transformed into tiny works of art. Her creative passion gave birth to Tile, Timber, n' Thread in 2020. She tries to incorporate repurposed materials in her pieces and loves playing with color and texture. She puts her heart and soul in every piece she creates and hopes it will bring joy to the next space it lands. 

  • $11.95