Intrigue Chocolate Bar

With 12 years of experience making chocolate ganache truffles, Intrigue Chocolate has identified flavors that, while found across the globe, feel quintessentially “Northwest.” If you’re here in the PNW you’ll feel at home when you try these chocolates.




Hops/Clover Honey: Sometimes your backyard is the source of life's greatest pleasures. That's where fragrant hops grow and local honey is found. And that's where we crack open a few bars with friends. Hops and Clover Honey is a go-to homebrew, welcome at any barbecue.

Rosemary/Blackberry Honey/Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt: Walk along the Pacific coast. Feel the sand between your toes and salty air in your lungs. Grab a seat with the locals. They're deeply rooted, smoldering, and sweet. Rosemary, Blackberry Honey, and Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt is a campfire get-together by the ocean.

Jasmine Green Tea/Turkish Bay Leaf/Lemon: A familiar fragrance can stop time and bring back the sweetest memories. Lying on warm grass, laughing in the sunshine, holding hands for the first time... Jasmine Green Tea, Turkish Bay Leaf, and Lemon is a trip back to a romantic picnic by the lake.

Lavender/Coffee/Long Pepper: Deep breaths. Endless fields of purple. Sipping a dark roast. Suddenly some spice. Is this nirvana? Whatever it is, stay as long as you can. Lavender, Coffee, and Long Pepper is lost in a daydream, and loving it.

Guajillo Chili/Hibiscus/Cassia Cinnamon/Vanilla Bean: A few tricks that help us get through long gray Seattle winters: Feel the rain on your face. Take the long way home. Hold the door for a stranger. Nibble on some soul-warming chocolate and think about sunshine. Guajillo Chili, Hibiscus, Cassia Cinnamon, and Vanilla Bean is a quick getaway to sunny Sayulita.

Juniper Berry/Black Lime: The scent of pine all around, packed earth under foot, sky reflected on an alpine lake, and air scrubbed clean by a surprise shower. This moment is too beautiful for trail mix. Juniper Berry and Black Lime is a late summer loop on a high-elevation Cascade trail.

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