Indigo Shibori [WHOLESALE]

Magically transform fabric into custom textiles featuring patterns of rich royal blue and crisp contrasting white! Our indigo recipe is specially formulated to produce deep royal blue shades every time and vat is ample for dyeing 5 pounds of fabric (about 20 adult t- shirts or equivalent).
What’s inside the box:
  • 1 package of indigo pigment
  • 1 package of fructose powder
  • 1 package of calcium hydroxide
  • 2 flour sack towels for dyeing
  • Assorted folding 'manipulations' for creating diffrent patterns, including popsicle sticks, wooden blocks, rubber bands, clothes pins, hemp twine
  • Latex gloves
  • A detailed instructional video
  • Our master recipe and instructions
    • $30.00