Fresh Homemade Pasta (with or without a pasta roller!) [digital]

Love carbs? Us too! Come learn how to make fresh Italian-style pasta at home, with and without eggs. Sure, store-bought pasta is available everywhere, but nothing compares to the taste of fresh homemade pasta. We’ll get hands-on making both a semolina dough and an egg dough, and then show you the secrets to kneading and shaping your pasta. No pasta roller? No problem! We’ll share our tips for hand-cutting and rolling the pasta, including how to use a butter knife to carve out notches, aka sauce attractors! Speaking of sauce, we’ll cover the best ways to cook and store your pasta, plus leave you with recipes for our favorite pasta dishes. You’ll be carbo-loading in no time! 


The video for this course is 35 minutes long, split across 4 modules. Participate live, or pause and work on the steps independently. Each of our digital classes equate to approximately 90 minutes of active hands-on time.


To follow along with the video at home, you'll need the following ingredients and equipment.


  • Semolina dough
    • 100g (⅔ cup) semolina flour
    • 100g (¾ cup) all-purpose or 00 flour
    • 100g (100ml or ½ cup) water
  • Egg dough
    • 2 large eggs
    • 200g (1½ cups) all-purpose or 00 flour


  • Bowl
  • Bench scraper (optional)
  • Plastic or beeswax wrap
  • Butter knife with serrated edges
  • Fork
  • Pasta roller (optional)


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