Hecate Wax Candles

Don't get us wrong, we love a sweet smelling candle...but these small batch, ethically made candles put a spell on our olfactory system with complex scents reminiscent of natural elements around us such as vetiver, oud, currant, and black plum to name a few.

Scent Profiles we offer in 4oz jars:

  • Copal:  bergamot • oud • cypress • patchouli • lemon peel • resin • vetiver • cedar
  • Hot Springs:  rainwater • oud • sandalwood • saffron • eucalyptus •  wet earth
  • Crush:  fresh cut roses • champagne 
  • Pink Moon:  pink grapefruit • garden mint • clementine • basil
  • La Primavera:  agave • wild fig • roses • prickly pear

Seattle made Hecate Wax candles are created in small batches using a blend of fine fragrance + essential oils and natural, non-toxic soy wax.  they are hand poured into reusable vessels, made from recycled materials.  vessels are HAND WASH only; using harsh chemicals may release a trace of the glass tint. we do not recommend using the candle vessels for food storage or drinkware.

FREE OF : : Phthalates, Parabens, Paraffin, BPA, Lead, Zinc


  • $18.95