Hazel Jones Rosemary Crisp Candy

Hazelnuts and rosemary have always loved each other.  But in a confection?  Oh yes.  This darling little treat is a sophisticated, unexpected and sultry pairing.  It's also rich with caramel and Oregon hazelnuts, with a subtle but distinct herbal surprise. There are two bars per box.

Ingredients (vegan and gluten free): organic sugar, hazelnuts, organic brown rice syrup, sea salt, organic chocolate, organic rosemary


Anne Smith owned and operated a popular cooking school in Los Angeles. In what was perhaps their most popular class, their students gathered several times a year to make candy. In 2011, after falling in love with a Portlander, she sold her business and moved to the Pacific Northwest.

It’s serendipity that brought a food-focused entrepreneur, still consumed by candy making, to a city that embraces culinary artisans. With only a basic understanding of tempering chocolate and cooking with sugar, she had an idea to make a chocolate bark with toffee running through it. It was great, and then she went nuts. Or rather, in 2015 she decided that as an environmentalist, she wanted to try to make something just as special without using animal products. 

They’ve now added new flavors and textures to our confection line, and of our candies are vegan, gluten free and made with as many organic ingredients as possible.

  • $5.95