DRAM Apothecary Natural Herbal Sparkling Water

The perfect addition to a fantastic day, these bubbly sips from DRAM Apothecary are infused with natural herbal ingredients. They are functional beverages that can be used to improve digestion, offer gentle detox support, relaxation and immune support, all while tasting wonderful! 

DRAM Apothecary also offers sparkling water + Hemp! These drinks include 25mg PCR Hemp Extract per can 12oz can. This is generally regarded as an effective active dose for most people. 

Choose your favorite from the following flavors (or get all 4!)

Gingergrass + Hemp Sparkling Water: Purified Carbonated Water, Non GMO Glycerin, organic Lemongrass, organic Lemon Balm, organic Cold Pressed Lemon Oil, organic Eleuthero Root, organic Schisandra Berry, organic Hibiscus Petals, PCR Hemp Extract, Lemon Salt

Beauty Bubbles Adaptogenic Sparkling Water + Hemp:  Purified Carbonated Water, Non GMO Glycerin, PCR Hemp Extract, Co-Enzyme Q10, organic Silver Ear Mushroom, organic Red Raspberry Leaf, organic Moringa Leaf, organic Bilberries, organic Hibiscus Petals, organic Amla Berry, Pretty Face Flower Essence, Cherry Plum Flower Essence, organic Orange Oil, organic Rosewater, Lemon Salt.

Citrus & Blossom Sparkling Water: Purified Carbonated Water, DRAM Citrus Bitters (Non GMO Glycerin, organic Rind of Grapefruit, Lemon, and Lime, organic Orange Blossom, organic Hibiscus), Lemon Salt.

Lavender & Lemon Balm Sparkling Water: Purified carbonated water, DRAM Lavender Lemon Balm Bitters (Non GMO glycerine, organic lavender flowers, organic lemon balm leaves, organic lemon peel, *organic gentian root), lemon salt


**Please note- Eleuthero Root in the Gingergrass drink can be very stimulating for some people. DRAM suggests drinking this during the day if it’s your first time trying it!

  • $3.95