$75.00 per person


1h 15min

About this experience

Something downright terrifying has descended upon The Works and morphed our terrarium class into something hideous! LIGHTNING THUNDER CEMETERRARIUMS! Craft your own spooky terrarium complete w/ succulents, skulls, bones, pumpkins and Halloween themed sand and rocks.  Don’t worry we’ll provide you with a codex for unlocking your plant’s true potential. Dressing up is encouraged but not required! 

In this class you will learn: 

  • How to create an environment for your plants to thrive in

  • The number one cause of death for succulents (and how to avoid it!)

  • How to propagate and grow new plants for future terrariums

We’ll provide everything you need, including a glass vessel, soil, sand, rocks, a variety of plants, and even some spooky creatures to add some flair - all while sharing our best tips for keeping your new project alive and thriving. You’ll leave with your own dino cemetery masterpiece to take home, and the ability to curate and care for your new mini world!


Your Host

Host image

Steven Petrose is your instructor for this class. They have been working with plants for over 4 years and the bulk of their experience comes from troubleshooting plant problems in neighborhood plant shops. Their goal is to make the world of indoor plants feel more accessible and they are excited to share their knowledge with you!