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About this experience

It’s that time of the year again LIGHTNING, THUNDER, CEMETERRARIUMS! Join us to create your own spooky terrarium complete with succulents, skulls, bones, ghosts, pumpkins and Halloween themed sand and rocks. Don’t worry, we'll provide you with the skills to unlocking your plant’s true potential. Dressing up is encouraged but not required! 

In this 1 hour class, you will: 

  • Discover how to create an environment for your plants to thrive in

  • Unlock the number one cause of death for succulents (and how to avoid it!)

  • Learn how to propagate and grow new plants for future terrariums

We’ll provide everything you need, including a vessel, soil, sand, rocks, a variety of plants, and loads of spooky creatures to add some flair - all while sharing our best tips for keeping your new project alive and thriving. You’ll leave with your own cemeterrarium masterpiece to take home, and the ability to curate and care for your new spooky world!

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  • Thursday, October 5, 7-8pm

  • Wednesday, October 25, 7-8pm

Your Host

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Ashley has been a crazy plant lady for over 10 years, starting with her 1st succulent a friend gave her as a housewarming gift. Her plant collection has grown to over 50 potted plants filling her small apartment. When she is not taking care of her plant babies, she is loving on her dog Josie (who she hasn’t seem to over water yet, unlike a few over-loved plants of the past).