Bubble Tea at Home | February 3 | 6pm

There’s a reason why bubble tea is so popular - it’s hard to pass up this sweet, ice-cold drink dotted with chewy boba tapioca pearls. What if we told you you could make your own bubble tea at home with just a few ingredients and a little know how? Yep, that’s right! Come learn the history of this sweet sensation along with everything you need to create your own. Most store-bought bubble teas are flavored with special powders and sweetened condensed milk - we’ll show you how to make yours with regular tea, milk and milk alternatives, and real sugar. We’ll review the recipe and ratios, show you how to cook and store boba, and share our favorite flavor infusions.

There will be plenty of time in class for creating and sampling your own custom bubble tea blends, and you’ll go home with recipes and a stash of boba to get you started. Once you know the secrets of making your own bubble tea, you’ll want to have it everyday!