Batiking with WAXON Studio


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About this experience

Join Jess Kaufman from WAXON Studio in Asheville, NC for this very special immersive batik experience. Batik is a traditional method of dyeing fabric originating from Indonesia that involves applying wax to fabric in specific patterns or designs, then dyeing the fabric. The waxed areas resist the dye, creating a contrast between the dyed and undyed areas. 

Session highlights:

  • An overview of the tools and materials needed for this type of batik

  • Learn the principles of applying beeswax to cloth, including demonstrating Indonesian tjanting tools and Indian woodblock stamps

  • We’ll teach how to make an immersion dye bath with fiber reactive dyes and then you’ll get hands-on creating a 28x28” wall hanging on cotton hemmed cloth

  • We’ll end with a demonstration of removing wax using the boil-out method

Your piece will need time to cure in the dyes overnight and then be rinsed and boiled to remove the wax. We will work with you to schedule a pick-up time for your finished project or we can mail it to you (for an additional service charge). Please plan on us having your piece for 5-7 days to complete the wash and boil out process.

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  • Thursday, August 1, 5-9pm

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Your Host

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Jess first learned to teach batik, tie-dye, and shibori while working at Gwynn Valley Camp in the early 2000s. Eventually she was hired to head up the crafts program, and was so inspired by what she was doing that she decided to earn a Masters degree in Crafts Education at Prescott College in Arizona (2008). She learned so much about how we learn as makers, how crafting positively affects our brains and our self-esteem, and about the handmade movement specifically in Southern Appalachia in the last century. All of this, plus her undergraduate degree in teaching theatre arts, means that she can give you an entertaining, in-depth, and well-paced course full of insight and experience.