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Basic Bitch Orchids | March 23 | 6:30pm

Raise your hand if you’ve picked up a beautiful orchid from Trader Joe’s only to watch it die a slow and lonely death, wondering why it just won’t give you another flower spike. Fret no more - come learn some basic bitch orchid care!

Learn how to recognize signs of over and under watering, when to repot, how to repot, what to repot in, what medium to use, light requirements, healthy roots versus dead roots, and most importantly, how to get them to bloom again.

You're invited to bring an orchid to class to get custom advice from the instructor and work through repotting step-by-step. Everyone will go home with a custom orchid pot and perfect orchid soil. No orchid? No problem! Come learn along with us and take your pot and soil home for your next orchid friend.