Banneton Bread Proofing Basket

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A bread proofing basket  (often known as a sourdough banneton, but can be used for much more than just sourdough breads) that is both beautiful and functional! This banneton is used during the proofing process of bread making. The rattan coils provide the perfect amount of structure and will leave a beautiful spiral pattern on your bread for that extra rustic charm.

This bread proofing basket also comes with a convenient and easy to remove linen liner that can be cleaned between proofs.


1. Generously flour the linen liner and the side of the bread dough that will be touching the banneton directly, then place the kneaded dough in the bread proofing basket until it rises.

2. Once the dough has risen, take dough out of basket and admire the beauty in the natural coil pattern before transferring the dough to bake.