Ami Ami Flavor Blends

These flavor blends from Ami Ami are an AWESOME addition to any meal.
Sprinkle the Floral blend on smoothies, pancakes, ice cream, or yogurt! The Savory blend and Spicy blend take your salads, veggie dips, soups, and pastas to the next level! No matter what you're eating, these blends will turn up the flavor. 
**All blends contain nuts
Savory:  pine nut, sunflower seed, fennel, thyme, sumac and lemon peel
Spicy:  hazelnut, pepita, coriander, sesame, nigella, cumin, urfa and maras peppers
Floral: pistachio, rose, walnut, sesame, coconut and cardamom

Over the years of cooking together, the Ami Ami team made up of two close friends, began to create our own flavorful blend of seeds, nuts and spices, inspired by traditional dukkah, that quickly become their favorite condiment.
These savory sprinkles add a vibrant pop of flavor and color, with texture and crunch in every bite. They hope you love them as much as they do!
As women business owners, it's important to Ami Ami that they support organizations that empower young girls and women on their own paths to success. That's why they partner with Heya Masr - a social enterprise initiative in Egypt with a mission of restoring a sense of dignity and pride in young Egyptian women.
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