Hone Your Knife Skills | July 20 | 7-8:30pm

Good knife skills are your greatest ally in the home kitchen. From keeping you safe to enhancing your cooking experience, a good knife used properly can make recipes easier, decrease your time making meals, and make cooking at home more enjoyable - and we can all use more of that these days!

This live Zoom class will walk you through four basics: picking out the right knives for you, how to use them, how to maintain them, and, of course, handy vegetable hacks that will make you look like a cooking master. You will walk away from this class with the confidence to wield a knife against the toughest vegetable (yes we will hack into some gourds!) and a sharpened sense of technique and safety!


This class is BYO materials!


    This is a live course held virtually via Zoom. You can expect to receive the Zoom link and any other information you need no later than the day before class. Don't be bashful! Everyone is welcome, so feel free attend with a partner or a housemate - just make sure you have enough materials for everyone. We'll see you there!