Holiday Cheeseboards


$65.00 per person



About this experience

Is there any sight more welcoming than a beautifully constructed charcuterie board, artfully filled with cheese, meats, fruits, and more? We don’t think so! But how did that board get to be so beautiful? Come find out and hone your food styling skills at our charcuterie board styling class!

In this class you will learn:
-How to pair elements for your board that complement each other perfectly
-How to calculate charcuterie board materials for a crowd
-Pro tips for food styling
-Presentation and storage tips

Get hands-on experience building your own charcuterie board to take home, all guided by our expert instructor. Once you take this class, you’ll want to make charcuterie boards for every occasion from picnic in the park, to birthday celebration, to a random weeknight.

**Alternatively, check out our Spooky Charcuterie Board (CharSPOOKerie Board) class on Friday, October 30!**