Air Plant Wreaths


$60.00 per person


1h 15min

About this experience

Come create a living wreath that needs minimal maintenance and will be stunning all year round! We’ve curated a custom selection of air plants and other greenery that dries well. Choose from using one, two, or three 6-inch grapevine rounds and learn wreath making basics to create a unique piece for your home.

In this class you will learn:

  • How to care for air plants
  • How to attach plants and greenery to a grapevine frame
  • Design tips and tricks for a balanced wreath that will be beautiful for years

You’ll leave class with your wreath, the skills to make all kinds of wreaths, and all the info you need to keep your plants thriving! 

Your Host

Host image

Robin basically grew up in a greenhouse as her parents own a greenhouse. Since a young age her love affair with plants has grown, whether having four dozen houseplants or making flower crowns and unique wreaths.