Cut Flower Garden

Grow your own flowers and create stunning custom centerpieces! These showstopper blooms will wow your neighbors and delight your friends. 

This kit contains everything you need to create a cut flower garden that will produce an abundance of beautiful blooms, specifically selected in a complementary color palette. In the instructions and videos, we cover everything you need to know, including how to:

  • Sow, thin, and pinch flowers to produce as many blooms as possible
  • Support your flowers with netting
  • Cut flowers at the right time and right length to maximize vase life
  • Arrange flowers and foliage into an easy, yet stylish centerpiece

Once you start growing cut flowers, you will notice bouquet-worthy flora all around you! This kit is also a great gift for budding gardener friends and family.

**The seeds featured in this kit are suitable for growing in hardiness zones 3-9, which is most of the contiguous US and coastal Alaska.

This kit contains:

  • Cut flower garden seeds:
    • Cosmos in Xsenia
    • Cosmos in Rubenza
    • Sunflowers in ProCut Plum
    • Yarrow in Summer Pastels
    • Flowering Oregano
  • Garden plan 
  • Flower label stakes
  • Floral support netting
  • Twine
  • Floral tape

Things you will need at home: 

  • Required:
    • 40 square feet of growing space
    • Compost
    • Watering hose with misting spray attachment (or gentle watering can)
    • Six 4-foot stakes
    • Sharpie
    • Floral snips
  • Recommended
    • Seed starting mix
    • Round point shovel
    • Trowel
    • Rake
    • Measuring tape or yard stick
    • Fertilizer
    • Jar or vase
    • Structural foliage such as Raspberry Vine, Crabapple, or Privet
        • $49.00