The Works Holiday Kit Guide

The Works Holiday Kit Guide

Our DIY kits have something for everyone!  Our mission is to provide people with the confidence to jump into new experiences, learn new skills, and have fun.

Each DIY kit includes a master recipe, a guided instructional video, and extra tips and tricks so you can beyond the box. Each kit is the culmination of hours of research, testing, revision and, most of all, love. We pour ourselves into these kits and pride ourselves on our small role in your successful project. We truly love what we do, and we hope it shows!

For the foodie

Make Your Own Mochi

Know someone who gets excited every time they pass the mochi case at the fancy grocery stores? Help them get fancy at home with our DIY Mochi Kit. These Japanese rice cake treats are naturally gluten free, delicious and fun to make!

For the one who deserves a break

Make Your Own Bath Bombs

Help them put their bubble troubles aside and bring the spa home! Spa days could not be more important to mental and physical health. Let's make them even more luxurious by learning how to make own bath bombs. 

For the eco conscious

Make Your Own Beeswax Wraps

Reduce single use plastic waste AND help the planet! Once they learn the ins and outs of this DIY craft, they'll be able to transform any piece of cotton fabric into a reusable wrap, custom sized for their kitchen needs. 

For the teen (or teen at heart!)

Make Your Own Bubble Tea

There’s a reason why bubble tea is so popular - it’s hard to pass up this sweet drink dotted with chewy boba. Learn to make your own mouth-watering bubble tea at home with real ingredients and a little know how!