Meet Frankie, Professional Chef and Teacher

Meet Frankie, Professional Chef and Teacher

We have some new faces around here!

Frankie Cannata-Bowman originally hails from San Francisco, but has called the Pacific Northwest her home for the last 16 years. Food is her life and she fondly recalls enjoying pickled garlic, lemons, and oysters as a very young child. Today, she works as a professional chef here in Seattle, consulting with restaurants, cooking for private clients, and teaching culinary classes at places like The Works.

While food may dominate, Frankie is also obsessed with crafting, art, and learning new hobbies. In her free time, she produces a live painting competition called Art Battle Seattle and gives her dog all the belly rubs.

We asked Frankie a few questions to help you all get to know her better. Keep reading to see her answers!

What are your favorite things to make/create/build? 

I’m in love with ceramics! Manipulating clay on a wheel takes strength, confidence and patience; all qualities that are so satisfying to hone and practice. I also love cooking, baking, stained glass making, cross stitching, developing and drinking cocktails and building IKEA furniture.

Why do you make/enjoy creating?

It’s the closest I’ve gotten to successfully meditating! Making quiets my mind, allows me to focus, and makes me feel connected to myself and my environment. 

Is there any sort of craft or cooking that you want to be better at?

I would love to learn wood working!

What do you like about working at The Works?      

It’s such a supportive and creative environment with genuinely lovely people. It’s inspiring and humbling to be a part of such a special community.

Tell us a bit about who you, what your passionate about, and what makes you tick.

I’m a professional chef that never went to culinary school, but was extremely lucky to train with some of the best chefs and restaurateurs in Seattle over the last 12 years. I love learning new techniques and working with other creatives. Community is really important to me, it’s where I find my strength and inspiration. I also love every dog ever.            

While I’m really excited to share my knowledge with others, I can’t wait to learn more about our student's experiences with cooking. I believe we all have something to offer one another and I love hearing about everyone’s kitchen hacks and tricks!

Ready to dive into culinary classes from home? Join us to learn how to:

  • Take a class from Frankie! Join us for The Works' online pie making series starting with an introduction to vegan pie making! Whether you are vegan, dairy free, gluten free or you just enjoy eating delicious pies, this class will teach you how to make a decadent pie from scratch using all plant-based ingredients.
  • Make restaurant-worthy salsa frescas, guacamole, and margaritas from our Cinco de Mayo At Home class.
  • Add personality, crunch, and flavor to your dishes when you learn how to pickle all kinds of veggies (and fruits!) from our You Can Pickle That! class.
  • Enjoy the most delicious and naturally gluten free dessert: mochi! It's easier than it looks, and we'll teach you all our best tips and tricks in our Mochi Madness class. (PS: Pair it with our mochi DIY kit that sends all the ingredients straight to your door and get 25% off the class!)