Siobhan - the-works-seattle

Siobhan grew up in the South and in the Bay Area in California, where she relocated from to Seattle 12 years ago. Currently living in White Center with her husband, dogs, chickens, bees and orchid hoard, oh my!. Siobhan has a deep passion for native pollinators, building pollinator habitats, seed saving and spreading the wonderment of native bees to the masses. Along with her day job, she is a field trip volunteer at the West Seattle Bee Garden and a beekeeper for Urban Bee Co. Using permaculture principles, over the last 4 years, Siobhan has slowly been turning her nearly quarter acres of grass and 3 pine trees into gardens of food, flowers and habitats for the birds and pollinators. When not farming you can find her knitting, all Star Trek all the time, obsessing over the hummingbirds in her yard and cruising the mean streets on her motorcycle.

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