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Mi knew early on that she was going to be a baker. Growing up, she helped at her parents' restaurant and it gave her a peek into the food industry and she loved it. As high school was coming to an end, Mi decided that the traditional route was not for her and chose to follow my passion and attended pastry school in Portland. She returned to Seattle and started as in intern at Macrina at age 19 and worked her way up to Head Pastry Chef, managing the bakers of all the cafes. Owning her own place was never a part of her master plan, but one day this urge to go for it came over her and Raised Doughnuts was born. Gathering all of her experiences from those days in her parents' shop, 9 years of working at Macrina, help and support from friends near and far, doing a year of pop ups around the city, and guidance from her business partner, they built Raised into what it is today! Their doughnuts are mixed, hand cut, and fried fresh every morning, and are topped with glazes made from scratch using high quality, specialty ingredients. Raised Doughnuts create one of a kind doughnuts that are soft and chewy in texture, have a good balance of sweetness, and they offer flavors inspired by things Mi grew up with, flavors you grew up with, and seasonal favorites. Mi’s team loves mixing things up and giving you fun, nostalgic, unique flavor combinations!

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