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Lisa Levine is a certified life and healthy living coach the owner of Audacious Health & Wellness. She helps people create new healthy habits in the way they think, eat, sleep, and move, empowering them to live their lives fully and audaciously. In addition to group coaching, retreats, teaching workshops and doing 1:1 work, she's a regular blogger and wellness editor at The Fold Mag and she creates recipes and writes articles for her own blog and website. The list of things she’s crushing on changes regularly but some of the more consistent ones include superfoods and adaptogens, all forms of self care, feeding people, her Instant Pot, KEXP, Yin Yoga, matcha, Greenlake, Thanksgiving, hiking, Dance Church, the (probable) overuse of parenthesis and punctuation, emojis (just can’t help it) and winter squash of all kinds. Also the deeply rooted belief that ultimately everything will be OK in the end.

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