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Jessica Angel of Spalted Home is a Michigander at heart, living in Seattle with her husband and toddler. She has been running some sort of handmade business since 2011 and taught herself to carve wooden spoons a few years ago. When her daughter was born she stepped back from carving and the idea for mini cactus kits sprang forth (fun fact: the vases are hand carved to look like carved wood!) Jessica’s love of spoon carving has been translated into a class that makes wood carving accessible for everyone.

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Alexis - the-works-seattle

An abstract artist and creative facilitator, Alexis enjoys many forms of art.

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Amanda - the-works-seattle

A creative fiber artist, you can find Amanda teaching sashiko and visible mending.

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Andrea - the-works-seattle

Passionate about gathering, Andrea is the baker at iconic Raised Cakes.

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